Saturday, 3 March 2012

Restarting the Dukan diet. Kind of.

The Dukan diet helped me lose A LOT of weight. At least 2.5 stone. After that I decided to lose weight the healthier way.
Now that I have lost 4 and a half stone, The last 7-10lbs are not budging.
I have decided to do a dukan attack phase for 3 days (making sure I consume a LOT of water) and going into the cruise phase for 2 weeks.
It is my birthday soon and I'd like to reach my target before then. Wish me luck!


  1. How's it going doing Dukan again?

  2. I was 12.6lb and did Dukan to get down to 11.6lb. I then decided i coudlnt cope with Dukan any longer! I started slimming world, and went down to 10.6lb. Then nothing, slimming world stopped working for me and althogh i was trying i was staying the same every week, frustrating. I started Dukan again two weeks ago, lost 4lb in first week and due to get weighed again today to see this weeks loss. We are so similar as my target weight is also 9.7lb. I am planning on going Dukan to get to target, then maintaining using slimming world, which is much more normal and healthy.

    Good luck to you, i hope you are ok on Dukan if you decide to try again, its awful, but it works!

    Anna x

  3. I was wondering if Dukan diet really provide our body required nutrition, i have read about Nutrition and it states that diet and nutrition are two different things and a diet should include all nutrition products..

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